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Our Story

Working with coconuts since 2007

Our journey began over 10 years ago in Malindi, Kenya, where we first started making virgin coconut oil using just a handful of coconuts.


After producing a successful batch of virgin coconut oil, we soon realised the Kenyan market wasn’t ready and business would soon fail.


We never gave up and always kept faith. With this, we were able to see huge potential of the coconut’s white flesh.


After hours of hard work and a few meetings in London, we finally found an opportunity for the great African coconut.

In 2014, we launched Cocopure, where we sold a range of Virgin Coconut Oil products in Kenya.


Supporting Farmers

We soon developed a passion to empower farmers, as well as bringing the best to our customers by using organic methods.

Over the past 10 years, we have preserved our coconut shells. We are now recycling them by designing our organic coconut bowls, as well as supporting craftsmen from the most amazing coconut farms in Kenya and Vietnam.


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