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Bamboo Straw Pack (8)


8 x Bamboo Straws with 2 Cleaning Brushes currently unavailable, price excludes brush.

Our bamboo straws are hand made from Bamboo tree. The green bamboos stems are dried and cleaned to make the straws.

They are simple to clean and are perfect for drinking beverages. They do not collapse or soften whilst drinking and are a fantastic alternative to plastic and paper straws.

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Size Guide

Length: 20cm

Bamboo Straw Care
Being a natural and unprocessed product, we recommend you to use it in it’s natural form as possible. Clean the straws using cold or warm water.

After washing, place it on a rack or worktop for water to drain out and your straws will be ready for your next use. We recommend not using it with any other appliance, in order to preserve it’s originality and longevity.

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