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Reusable Bamboo Cups

  • Bamboo cup


More than 500billion disposable plastic and reusable glass cups are thrown away each year by the US alone. These cause great harm to the environment and contribute to endangering flora and fauna and result in climate change when burnt at landfill. A complete solution to this is by using bamboo cups.

Bamboo grows in the tropical and subtropical regions of the planet. Bamboo grows as many different varieties and sizes depending on the species. Our bamboo cups are made from larger woody bamboo species which grows in dense forests. When the bamboo is at the end of its life, the bamboo is cut and hand crafted into cups by our talented artisans. Our cups have no varnishes or finishes making them 100% natural.
They are long lasting, durable and can be used outside and inside the home by using them as a substitute for disposable and glass cups. They are perfect for hot and cold drinks paired with our lovely reusable bamboo straws. They can also be used to replace plastic storage solutions, for examples as a pen pot.
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