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    Jumbo Original

    £17.00 £8.50

    Luxury Coconut Bowl

    £12.50 £9.50

The coconut palm is the most versatile tree ever grown, and provides us with beautiful coconuts with many uses. The inner white coconut kernel is removed and used to make coconut oil and milk. Once the kernel is removed, the coconut shell are used by Organic Worldwide who empower craftsmen to create beautiful coconut bowls by hand and using simple tools. The rough coconut shell is sanded and smoothened . They are then given a light coating of organic coconut oil for long lasting use.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Bought some bowls and cutlery from this cute website. I took them with me on my travels to zanzibar as they are so light and versatile to use. Amazing value and great for the environment.

Mariam Kapacee
Rating: 5

Bought a couple coconut bowls from their market stall in Wandsworth a few weeks ago. We love them so much we decided to order a set from their site for our foodie friend’s birthday. Delivery was super fast and our friend absolutely loves them! Customer service was exceptional and personable and they even included a lovely hand written birthday note in the parcel! Support these lovely people and buy their awesome products!! ❤ Highly recommended!!

Katy Mills
Rating: 5

I bought the jumbo bowls from Organic worldwide and absolutely love them. I was pleasantly surprised by how big they are- I can get a decent portion of my breakfast or salad into them and it makes it that little bit more special eating off these than normal bowls. My kids are big fans too- they can be thrown around without a worry about breaking them. Would definitely recommend these if you want to go green and support a great small business. Their service and packaging was also on point and pleasure to deal with.

Duriya Bhaiji
Rating: 5

Brilliant product! The quality of the bowls were amazing. The custom message they put in the box was a really nice touch too.

Q Mintal
Rating: 5
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