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Coconut Bowls Original Family Pack


Our Original coconut bowls are 100% organic and handmade by artisans in local communities.

Each bowl is unique with it’s own shape, size and beautiful markings which gives it a distinct look.

No artificial substances are used in production. All Original coconut bowls are smoothened and then polished with natural coconut oil.



Ideal for smoothie bowls, salads and any meal. See our range of Organic Recipes for some meal inspiration.

Size Guide 

Dimensions: 13cm x 13 cm x 6cm

Weight: 85g

Volume range: 585-590ml

Bowl Care
Being a natural and unprocessed product, we recommend you to use it in it’s natural form as possible. Clean the bowl using cold or warm water.

After washing, place it on a rack or worktop for water to drain out and your bowl will be ready for your next use. We recommend not using it with any other appliance, in order to preserve it’s originality and longevity.

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