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Coconut Bowls – Eco Friendly Alternative to Plastic


Only 15% of reusable plastic is recycled worldwide. The rest , including all single use plastic is washed up on coastlines or burnt releasing harmful fumes into the atmosphere. This results in devasting effects of climate change and contributes to destroying our  planet. 

The solution is to reduce the use of single use plastic and look for natural options that do not harm the world we live in.  

The coconut palm is the most versatile tree ever grown, and provides us with beautiful coconuts with many uses. The inner white coconut kernel is removed and used to make coconut oil and milk. Once the kernel is removed, the coconut shell are used by  Organic Worldwide who empower craftsmen to create beautiful coconut bowls by hand and using simple tools. The rough coconut shell is sanded and smoothened . They are then given a light coating of organic coconut oil for long lasting use. 

This process of upcycling allows us to provide a solution to the issue of plastic use in day to day life. Our Bowls can be used for breakfast, smoothie bowls, snacks, salads, planters and more! 

Each coconut bowl may vary in size as there are different varieties of coconut palm trees  for example just how there are different types of apple trees. Each coconut shell  is unique with its own pattern just as nature intended it to be, making your bowl one of a kind.

Coconut bowls can last a lifetime if they are taken care of. You can do this by not using them with any modern day appliance and  can be washed with luke warm soapy water.  

Lets make the world a better place one coconut at a time !

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