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Coconut Bowls – Eco Friendly Alternative to Plastic

Only 15% of reusable plastic is recycled worldwide. The rest , including all single use plastic is washed up on coastlines or burnt releasing harmful fumes into the atmosphere. This results in devasting effects of climate change and contributes to…


The Depth in Scents – Coconut candles

Who doesn’t love a candle. Not just any candle but one that is packed with a scent that meanders through each room, filling the house and creating a mood.  In today’s post we will be going to the depth of…

The Coco in Coconuts!

You ever wonder why coconuts are so special. Why is everyone obsessed with them. Well coconut palms are the most useful tree in the entire world! They can be used to provide a sustainable living… How? Coconut palms come in…

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