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The Coco in Coconuts!

You ever wonder why coconuts are so special. Why is everyone obsessed with them.

Well coconut palms are the most useful tree in the entire world!

They can be used to provide a sustainable living… How?

Coconut palms come in many varieties. The most common umbrella as ‘Tall’  ‘Dwarf’ and  ‘Hybrid’
Though all grow differently and produce different coconuts, fundamentally they can be used in similar ways.

The coconut is the KING of nuts…
Coconuts don’t only provide us with coconut oil. They also provide us with coconut milk (perfect for vegans or those with a lactose allergy) which can be used as a liquid or powder or cream.  It also provides us with a delicious kernel which we use to eat directly or add in many dishes, such as in form of desiccated coconut.


The coconut is not just food …
The coconut shell can be used to make luxurious bowls which are recyclable. The coconut husk is used to make bristles on brushes. The cocopeat is perfect for hydroponic farming. It is the best in retaining water, providing natural membrane for roots to thrive.


When the tree is at the end of it’s life…
The coconut wood can be used to make lovely cutlery such as spoons, forks and knives.
The Palm leaf ‘Arica’ can be used to make disposable but ecofriendly dinner sets including:
plates, bowls and platter plates etc


As you can see after providing us with magnificent coconuts, no part of the tree is wasted.  To make it 100% sustainable a seedling is planted in the same place.

To live sustainably and help support coconut farms and their farmers worldwide…

Shop at https://www.organicworldwide.co.uk

Or visit us on Instagram @organicworldwide.uk

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