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The Depth in Scents – Coconut candles


Who doesn’t love a candle. Not just any candle but one that is packed with a scent that meanders through each room, filling the house and creating a mood. 

In today’s post we will be going to the depth of each scent of our soy coconut bowl candles. 

Scents include: 

  • Coconut & Lime 
  • Tropical Fruits
  • Toasted Coconut
  • Rose
  • Lavender 

All candles are gift wrapped and come with a FREE cotton pouch and can be purchased with the tealight bundle. 

Coconut and Lime 

If you’re looking to feel awake and rejuvenated  from the moment you open the pouch then this ones for you. The lovely zing of lime and light coconut swirl together to give the perfect balance of freshness. Great for any time of the year when you want to boost the mood. 

Tropical Fruits 

Nothing says summer like tropical fruits. The exotic coconut bowl candle contains scents of pineapple,passion,mango,lime (ETC) Each fruit gives a punch flavour that shouts vacation vibes. Reminding you of holiday weather, icelollies, pools, the beach and times full of lots of fun and happiness. 

Toasted Coconut

No matter how long you’re away there is nothing like home.  Toasted coconut spreads warmth through the entire house making your place perfect for staying at home. Creating a sweet and cosy atmosphere you will never want to leave. 


Nothing like a rose to say I love you. Red and Pink roses are the symbolic flower for showing someone you care. Is it a beautiful flower which smells phenomenal by creating a beautiful dance, full of love and deep connection, creating a sensual mood. Perfect as a gift or for a special night in. 


Lavender is known to be the de-stresser. Simply due to the fact that it stimulates the nose to send signals to the brain to reduce anxiety.  Our calming lavender encases you with Kamasutra, making you feel at ease from head to toe. It is is perfect if you want to wind down, relax and have a pamper session.  

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